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  • July news alert: Five big myths about child labour

    In this edition of Action News:

    Busting the myths about child labour

    Did you know that the majority of child labourers work in agriculture rather than in sweatshops?

    Although there is more media coverage of child labour in sweatshop-like conditions, the industrial sector - which includes sweatshops, factories, construction sites and mines - accounts for 7.2 percent of child labourers.

    If you want to avoid buying products that could be made with child labour, you need to look beyond where they were manufactured to where the raw materials came from, for example, the cotton that is planted and harvested to make a t-shirt.

    To help end child labour, having the right facts is the best way to start. Learn about the five big myths surrounding child labour today.

    Want to purchase more ethical products? Download the Shop Ethical! app today and start making more informed decisions about which products you buy.

    Take action

    You can help to protect children from the dangers of child labour, human trafficking and exploitation by donating to our Child Rescue program.

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