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A brighter future for Rosita's community


Meet Rosita! She lives in Bolivia and took us on a tour of the projects World Vision is doing in her community.

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A changed community through the eyes of a child


Meet Pristine! She’s 13 years old and lives in India. Pristine wants to be a doctor when she grows up and loves to sing and dance with her friends. She took us on a tour of her community, to see the...

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South Sudan's refugees desperately need access to clean water


South Sudan is the world’s youngest country, having claimed independence from the north three years ago, but since December last year it has been embroiled in conflict.

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How sixteen-year-old Nevis helped rescue a group of trafficked children


Amidst the crowded train, sixteen year old Nevis couldn’t help notice the group of little children sitting at the far end of the coach. There were around ten to fifteen of them.

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The sky is our limit: former sponsored children graduate from university


Twins and former sponsored children Kunda and Chansa have faced many obstacles on their journey towards education. Now that they have graduated from university, they hope to leave a legacy that...

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Christine puts art and soul into the 40 Hour Famine


Artist Christine Cafarella-Pearce was searching for inspiration, and found it in the faces of people she had never met. Determined to use her art and passion for good, she has created a collection of...

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Smart technology a ring-in for dialling up disaster responses


In any emergency situation, time is of the essence. Delivering relief supplies and support to those affected can be a matter of life and death – which is why World Vision has adopted a new smartphone...

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Sharmila: a force for children


Sharmila is just 18 years old, but she is already an influential member of her community. As secretary of her local Child Protection Unit (CPU) in northern India, community members come to her with...

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Celebrating a confident and capable community


Have you ever wondered what happens when our work in your sponsored child's community nears completion? Well it's a time to celebrate together!

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