27 March 2013

See the bigger picture

  1. An example of Australian aid money at work - locals collecting water from a water project. Photo: World Vision

Australians are well-known for their generosity when there’s an emergency such as fire, floods or drought. We want to help, knowing it’s the right thing to do when people are in need. But when it comes to Australia providing money to developing countries, attitudes are mixed.

World Vision interviewed everyday Australians to find out what they think about overseas aid spending. We found many Australians don’t know - or largely underestimate - what aid achieves. They don’t realise the significant gains made in the fight against global poverty.

World Vision estimates that in the last year (2011/12) Australian aid alone:

  • Saved the lives of at least 200,000 people.
  • Helped provide basic education for 500,000 children and improved education quality for many more.
  • Trained thousands of public servants to improve their management of budgets and the services they offer their communities.
  • Assisted at least 10 million people affected by disasters.
  • Helped 440,000 people gain access to clean water and 400,000 people to access adequate sanitation.

Transparent, accountable and effective aid saves lives and helps poor countries overcome poverty.

You can show your support for aid in this election year: