28 April 2009

How you can help

  1. Leo (left), Douglas and Joe at playgroup. World Vision is working to improve the health and wellbeing of Indigenous children so they can reach their full potential.

Support Indigenous communities who are developing and strengthening children and families to grow up happy, healthy and strong. Become a Linking Hands supporter today.

By becoming a World Vision Linking Hands pledge partner you will support projects that contribute to strong, empowered and thriving Indigenous communities. 

Projects like:

  • the WETT Warlpiri Childhood Care and Development Project
  • the Mapoon Home Ownership Project
  • the Sydney Young Mob Project
  • the Indigenous Arts Project 
As a Linking Hands supporter your donation contributes to culturally appropriate training and education, supports early childhood learning, pathways for home ownership and develops young Indigenous leaders. 


Read back issues of Linking Hands to read about World Vision’s Indigenous partnerships. 

Visit Reconciliation Australia.

Get involved 

Find out what is happening in your neighbourhood to support National Sorry Day, NAIDOC Week and your local Indigenous community through local government and council websites. 


Donate to Linking Hands to support World Vision’s Australia Programs. 


Support the promotion of reconciliation activities in your workplace, school or community. 

How you can help

Donate or pledge to Linking Hands today to support World Vision's Australia Programs partnerships with Indigenous communities.

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Your vision

Jun 11, 2009

Thankyou for posting my last comment it was very grateful that my comments and statements are on this amazing website. In South East Asia there are some crucial th...

World Vision's response
Jun 04, 2009

Dear Berwyn, Thanks for your feedback. We agree that the concerns of Indigenous Australians are broader than arts and sports practice, important as these are. That'...

Berwyn Lewis
Jun 02, 2009

Aboriginal communities need access to basics (not necessarily only art world focus) - more urgent and practical are: education, transport to and from schools and h...

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