Food and nutrition

  1. In Zambia, World Vision is helping schools to grow citrus fruits to improve children’s health and provide income.
  2. Like many children in East Timor, Elise doesn’t get enough to eat, especially during the “hungry” time between harvests.
  3. World Vision distributed food to families affected by severe snowstorms in Mongolia during 2010.
  4. Because her family can’t grow enough food, Phon, from Laos, forages for mushrooms, frogs and crickets to eat.
  5. Drought and economic turmoil have exhausted food supplies in rural Zimbabwe, where Belinda lives.
  6. These children in Kenya’s drought-stricken Turkana region are part of a school-based feeding program.
  7. Poor rural communities depend on agriculture for their food and livelihood needs.
  8. In Ecuador, Santiago loves to eat maize porridge prepared by his mum Luz.
  9. Maize (corn) is a staple crop in many parts of Africa.

World Vision is working with communities to fight hunger. From delivering food aid to desperately hungry people, to working on long-term agriculture and income generating programs, we aim to ensure that children and families have access to the food they need to live healthy and productive lives.

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Why are so many people in the world hungry? And what can we do about it? Find out more.

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