1. Local people help World Vision staff prepare for food aid distribution.
  2. Born in the wake of floods, Sabrun faces a difficult first year.
  3. Zuha comes to this Child Friendly Space eager to resume her lessons.
  4. Roya lost her cousin, aunt and uncle when an earthquake destroyed their home.
  5. Families leave a World Vision nutrition centre in Darfur with a week’s food supply.
  6. The Asian tsunami devastated coastal communities in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.
  7. In Lebanon, massive destruction faced civilians returning home after conflict in 2006.
  8. Saunda and her brother wait patiently as their mother cooks a meal using relief rations.
  9. A cyclone destroyed their home, so Mahima and family have built a makeshift shelter.
  10. Confused and scared, a young earthquake survivor is comforted by her dad.

Wherever and whenever they happen, World Vision is poised to provide on-the-spot assistance to those affected by disasters and emergencies – whether natural or man-made. Our involvement lasts longer than the headlines as we deliver lasting solutions.

How you can help:

Donate to the Disaster Ready fund

World Vision and emergencies

When emergencies occur, no matter where or why, World Vision’s response needs to be as measured as it is rapid.

What World Vision does in an emergency

Different types of emergencies

How do we judge what's needed in an emergency?

Who emergencies affect

Current appeals

Donate to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Donate to the West Africa Ebola Outbreak Appeal

Donate to the South Sudan Crisis Appeal.

Responding to conflict in Gaza with Disaster Relief.

The UN says the Syrian Refugee Crisis is the biggest humanitarian appeal ever. Find out more.

Past emergencies

Read about World Vision's response to past emergencies - and how your donations assisted those most in need.

View more past emergencies

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Your vision

Joseph Iosefo
Mar 24, 2015

"I'd love to go on a mission to help the people in Vanuatu and Africa. I was watching this video last night, showing the two young kids malnourished. It breaks my he..."

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Eugene Butkowski
Mar 20, 2015

"I am praying for blessings through this tragedy, and have donated to assist in your Godly work."

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Joel Harbin
Mar 20, 2015

"I went to Pentecost Island in 2013 with Teen Missions International to build a training center and do some construction on the Health Center. I fell in love with th..."

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Susan Colmar
Mar 17, 2015

"My nephew William Colmar, who is a gorgeous young man, was on Pentecost and we do not know if he has survived. If anyone has any information please let us know. I a..."

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